Welcome to IISE

If you are a Registered Member or Fellow Member of the Irish Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, you may wish to avail of a special agreement we have with the US-IISE to join their Institute at substantially discounted rates.

The special US-IISE partner application form is attached.

This should be used by Irish Institute members to join the US Institute.

There are two options to join using this special form:

  1. Fill in the form completely with credit card and email to dlong@iise.org & cs@iise.org or fax it to  +1 770 441 3295
  2. Alternatively, you may return the form via email to dlong@iise.org (less payment information if preferred), and once you are set up, you will receive an email and link to pay online with credit card.

Once you are set up as a new member in the US-IISE system the first time, all subsequent renewals can be done fully online.

To access all of this sites protected content please login using the form below:

“Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know – future projects decide what we will learn.”

– Dr. Mohsin Tiwana